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What we do

The NFACV members go out on Sundays for the day (or half day if they wish) to undertake practical conservation tasks. 

- for example:-

  • Tree and hedge planting.

  • Scrub bashing.

  • Woodland improvement.

  • Grassland and heathland management.

  • Pond clearance and restoration.

  • Fence construction.

  • Path and step construction.

  • Coppice and hedge laying

  • Removal of non-native and invasive species.

In every case tasks are planned to conserve and improve the countryside around us, maintaining and increasing the variety of wildlife habitats and hopefully people's understanding and enjoyment of the countryside.

Each job is headed by a task leader. Tools and instruction are provided so no special skills are needed. The NFACV only uses hand tools, so as not to disturb the wildlife. Gloves and goggles are provided if required.

- As well as being focused on providing a professional and reliable service the NFACV is also providing a good fun day out with many fringe benefits, to share

- such as:-


  • Meeting new friends.

  • Getting some exercise and fresh air.

  • Appreciating the beautiful New Forest.

  • Learning new skills.

  • Increasing wildlife habitats.

  • Making big bonfires.

  • Getting dirty and muddy.

  • Getting rid of stress.

  • Eating great cakes (usually)

  • Having a laugh and a joke.

  • - and exploring parts of the forest to which the public does not have access.

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